Pentegra Adds to Retirement Savings Guidance Tool

Beyond the SmartPath offers retirement savings advice from interviews with retirees.

Pentegra Retirement Services has created Beyond the SmartPath. 

This new installment of the company’s SmartPath series, a retirement savings guidance tool, is designed to help inspire today’s workers to take action. Beyond the SmartPath offers indispensable advice from interviews with retirees about what they might have done differently as they look back on their working years.

Pentegra was inspired to create Beyond the SmartPath following a survey in which it found nearly two-in-five (39%) retirees say they should have started saving earlier in their working life, when asked to complete the sentence, “When I look back on what I might have done differently with my retirement savings, I should have…”

Rich Rausser, senior vice president at Pentegra Retirement Services explains, “Among the most important and concurrent themes in the interviews we conducted for Beyond the SmartPath are: save more, start saving earlier, and invest in a more educated manner. These universal suggestions are from retirees who have worked in a variety of industries, have approached retirement in different ways, and are coming from different salaries.  Simple, consistent advice, yes, but people are not doing that. Our hope is that if people hear this now from actual retirees—not just retirement experts—then it will put fire under them to put a solid plan into place today.”