People Spending More on Mother’s Day This Year

While some may be more confident about spending, the traditional, simple gifts are still the top choices.

Americans are spending $120 on Mother’s Day gifts this year, which is $23 more than 2020, according to a survey by RetailMeNot. The online coupon provider says that with stimulus checks and tax refunds in people’s pockets, many are feeling more confident about spending.

Flowers remain the top gift people said they will buy this year, with 47% planning to purchase them. Thirty-one percent each indicated they will be buying gift cards or chocolate. Twenty-one percent said they will buy beauty products.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only one-quarter of Americans plan to dine out in a restaurant for Mother’s Day. Nearly two-thirds (63%) reported that they expect to celebrate Mother’s Day at home.

As for what moms want, 40% said a nice dinner and 32% said flowers—up from 19% last year. One-third said they’d like a gift card. The percentage wanting a spa day decreased from 21% last year to 19% this year.

Other surveys show Americans might not have to spend anything for Mother’s Day and can hang on to their money while still giving their moms a gift.

Moms have been pulled in many different directions during the pandemic. A survey conducted by One Poll and commissioned by Mattress Firm, which included a group of 2,000 mothers, found 43% said a night of interrupted sleep would be the best gift they could get this year. A TGI Fridays poll found 70% of moms want a day to themselves.