Personal Satisfaction a Primary Work Quality Motivator

May 21, 2009 ( - Forty-five percent of Canadian workers in a new poll said "personal satisfaction" was the primary thing motivating their efforts to do quality work.

A news release about the latest online survey involving 6,624 Canadians said 29% cited salary while 21% were most concerned about being respected by their peers or their supervisor. Getting promoted came in at the back of the pack for motivating factors with only 5% citing it as a prime quality motivator.

The news announcement said personal satisfaction rated even higher among the 689 French Canadians responding to the French version of the poll, with 58% making it their top choice as a motivator. Another 19% chose money, 18% chose respect, and about 4% chose promotion.

The poll results are part of a global poll in which 28,301 people participated across Europe. In that poll, 45% chose “personal satisfaction” as the top motivator at work, 31% chose “money,” 18% chose “respect,” and 6% chose “promotion.”

“Money, career advancement and recognition are important but ultimately people want to feel the sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and even pride that comes from a job done well,” said Monster Canada senior vice-president of international sales and general manager Peter Gilfillan, in the announcement. “Interestingly enough, a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment at work will not just drive people to do well, but to keep growing, improving and exceeding expectations. It is something we should not underestimate in terms of importance, whether you are an employee or an employer.”