Personalized Benefit Statements Program Revamped

November 18, 2002 ( - A Santa Barbara, California company has released an updated version of its communications program to produce personalized employee benefit statements.

According to an announcement from Benefit Software Inc., the newest version of Fringe Facts Communicator allows users to produce booklet-style statements, save and import calculations from text files, and create a variety of employee mailing labels.

The new ability to save and import calculations is extremely beneficial if calculations need to be copied and transferred from one company to another, the company announcement said.   This feature is particularly of interest to insurance agents and benefit consultants who produce statements for more than one company, according to the announcement.

The Windows-based product creates a summary statement of employee benefits along with the cost of each benefit. Users can put out two-sided, multi-page statements, the company said.

According to the company, the production and distribution of personalized employee Total Compensation statements should be faster and easier with the new program.