Plan Database Could Help Sponsors Get More Targeted Advice

January 16, 2004 ( - The next time a plan financial advisor comes calling to pitch the plan sponsor's business, that investment counselor may know almost as about the plan's current fund lineup as the sponsor.

Because of a new plan search engine from that can help an advisor pinpoint which plans are in which funds, the plan sponsor might get a more timely and more focused recommendation for an alternative option if the plan wants to swap out a fund caught up in the current trading scandal, a news release said.

According to the announcement, an advisor using  PremiumERISA might set out to locate retirement plans invested in Putnam’s Stable Value Fund, as an example.   Users can then sort the data by state or ZIP code to narrow theirsearches to their own geographical area.

The company said its database information is based on   Schedule D of the most recent publicly available form 5500’s from the US Department of Labor c overing more than 150,000 plans. The Fund Finder component of PremimumERISA includes more than 200 fund managers and over 1,000   individual mutual funds. Other features offered by PremiumERISA include broker-carrier marketshare databases of the insured pension, health and welfare markets, aswell as a database of executive compensation.

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