PlanQuest Solution Supports Fiduciaries, Sponsors and Participants

The PlanQuest product released by MFP Strategies addresses the challenges and goals of fiduciaries, sponsors and participants.

MFP Strategies, recognized as one of the Top 100 retirement plan adviser teams in the nation by sister publication PLANADVISER for 2013, has announced a product for fiduciaries, sponsors and participants. The PlanQuest solution is composed of a team of retirement plan specialists working with clients to customize and deliver consulting services that address their needs and plan goals.

The solution addresses fiduciaries, sponsors and participants with the aim of improving retirement plan outcomes. Specifically, PlanQuest assists fiduciaries with decisionmaking, boosts the confidence of sponsors in knowing their plan is managed properly and enables participants to better plan for retirement.

The MFP Strategies’ Retirement Plan Services team advises businesses, and helps them design and manage their retirement plans. The team is experienced with addressing the requirements and challenges confronting fiduciaries, sponsors and participants in today’s market, the firm explains.

MFP released a video explaining how PlanQuest works, detailing the specific challenges and needs the solution addresses.