PlanSource Streamlines Deductions and Add-On Services

The introduction of Halley software into PlanSource solutions provides human resources teams with a time-saving tool for deducting benefits costs from payroll, among other capabilities. 

PlanSource has announced the launch of “Halley,” described as a software release that “includes a groundbreaking tool for deducting benefit premiums in payroll systems, a hub for connecting with the company’s partners, and reporting and administrative enhancements.”

“The Halley release solves some fundamental problems that HR and payroll teams have struggled with for years,” suggests Ryan Baldwin, chief technology officer at PlanSource. “For example, we’ve cracked the code on making retroactive payroll deductions, a previously manual process that often creates errors and adjustments.”

The advanced payroll deduction tool in the Halley release “uses sophisticated logic to calculate and track payroll deductions over time,” automating a process that is often manual, time-consuming and error-prone. The system calculates payroll deductions based on coverage effective dates and enrollment dates. It can also import actual payroll deductions, making adjustments and generating refunds to employees when required.

“These types of actions can be especially useful to manage situations in which an employee returns from a leave of absence and deductions must be taken out of several paychecks,” Baldwin says.

With the launch of Halley, PlanSource has also unveiled PartnerSource, a marketplace where employers, brokers and consultants can view and interact with PlanSource’s network of partners, and purchase add-on products. Also being rolled out are “online total compensation statements” sourced from Brain Power Software. These statements can include salary information, insurance benefits, leave, and other benefits which can be accessed on any device directly from the PlanSource system.

The software update also addresses identify theft protection and student loan assistance, the firm explains. And, in addition to advanced payroll deductions and PartnerSource, the Halley software release contains multiple enhancements to improve efficiency for HR teams using the PlanSource system. These include updates to the reporting center, such as a data comparison report and communications shortcuts; easier access to export history for PlanSource’s broker partners; and new features in the implementation wizard.

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