Poll: Techies Love Training

February 13, 2004 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Techies apparently sure do love their training.

A survey of IT professionals by a Philadelphia-based technology trainer found that nearly four in 10 of those participating named exercising their brains as the professional perk they valued most. A quarter of the 520 respondents named health insurance while a scant five respondents said a company car or gym membership particularly got their attention when it came to benefits.

The Training Camp poll found that training even beat out extra cash, with only 10% singling out employer pension contributions as the top benefit, and 8% choosing bonus payments. Respondents named gym membership, travel insurance and a cell phone as least important with a total of 66% of the votes ranking them at the bottom of the list.

“Companies will have to start working harder to retain staff and keep them happy, as the economy starts to recover and the employment market opens up again. These survey results give a clear indication that IT professionals would rather enhance their skills than line their pockets or pump up their muscles,” asserted Ed Denzler , CEO of The Training Camp.

According to the company, half of respondents in the latest poll were permanent employees at their organization and more than 50% had their training paid for by their employer.