PR Professionals Report Job Satisfaction

December 27, 2005 ( - Executive recruiting firm Charet & Associates has announced that a majority (70%) of PR and marketing communication professionals who responded to their recent survey were somewhat to extremely satisfied with their current positions.

Forty-six percent of respondents said they were holding “the best job (they) ever had,” according to the announcement. Almost 61% were satisfied with their access to key managers and/or top management and 52% were satisfied with their responsibilities.

Only three in eight respondents said their current position provided them with an opportunity for growth within the organization, but most (85.5%) said their present job was providing them with the experience and/or stature necessary for them to move into a better job with another employer.

When asked to describe the current state of their careers, responses included:

  • Career on track – 34.2%
  • Career has progressed more quickly than anticipated – 11.1%
  • Career has recently taken an unexpected, but positive, turn – 10.3%
  • Reached career objective and now wish to explore new opportunities – 12%

On the down side, significant numbers of the PR professionals expressed dissatisfaction with salary (46.2%), departmental budget (45.3%), company culture (41.9%), administrative support (40.2%), and opportunity for advancement (49.6%).

A majority (84.6%) of survey participants said they expect to remain with their current employer for less than five years. Of those, 36.8% said they would probably leave their company in less than a year, and 22.2% said they are likely to leave in 12 to 24 months. Only about 25% of respondents have been with their current employer six years or more. Just 3.4% said they would “retire as an employee” of the company for whom they currently work.

Career advancement and money topped the list for reasons respondents are most likely to leave their current employer, with 41% citing career advancement and 23.9% indicating they would likely leave for an organization that “offers me more money.” Only 6% stated that a merger or acquisition would likely result in their position being eliminated due to redundancy and an additional 4.3% reported that the organization’s financial performance would result in their position being eliminated. Just over 5% of survey participants said they would leave “with or without a new job” due to “job dissatisfaction.”

Charet & Associates polled 117 professionals in a range of corporate, agency, government and not-for-profit settings across the nation during the second and third quarters of this year.

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