Principia for Separate Accounts Released

June 25, 2002 ( - Morningstar unveiled Morningstar Principia for Separate Accounts, a product aimed at financial advisors.

According to a Morningstar announcement, the new product offers data from nearly 500 of the most prominent money management firms, 14,000 mutual funds, 7,000 stocks and 1,800 products across asset classes with composite returns, underlying holdings, and more.

Principia for Separate Accounts is scheduled for an August release, the investment research firm said.

Morningstar said Principia for Separate Accounts aggregates a client’s portfolio by pulling together data from mutual funds, stocks, variable annuity/life investments and adding it to the separate accounts data.

The company said Principia’s Multi-Asset Portfolio Developer can analyze portfolios that contain any mixture of investments – funds, stocks, variable sub accounts, and separate accounts – and treat them as a cohesive unit.

Morningstar Principia for Separate Accounts costs $1,095 for an annual subscription, and $795 for those who order by July 31, the company said.