Priority Health Introduces All-Encompassing Wellness Solution

PriorityWell covers financial, physical, emotional, social and environmental health.

Priority Health has introduced a new product, PriorityWell, which covers more than just financial and physical wellbeing—extending also to emotional, social and environmental health.

In addition, Priority Health has launched a Wellbeing Hub where each employee can address their individual needs. There, they will find content and tools centered on stress management, nutrition, weight loss, quitting tobacco, chronic condition management, financial support, sleep health and more.

Priority Health notes that employees with poor health are twice as likely to be disengaged from their work, and 43% more likely to experience stress and anxiety. Additionally, Gallup research estimates that unhappy workers costs the U.S. between $450 billion and $550 billion in lost productivity each year.

“At Priority Health, we see the ability to deliver personalized wellbeing programs as the evolution of health care and a real solution for the overall health care costs impacting an employer’s bottom line,” says Miki Kobane, wellness director at Priority Health. “With PriorityWell, we are partnering with employers to help them deliver targeted, smart programs that effectively improve employee physical and emotional health while also improving workplace morale and reducing overall health care costs.”