Privacy of Information Concerns Internet Job Seekers

September 24, 2003 ( - More than eight out of 10 (85%) job hunters are at least somewhat concerned about the privacy of the personal information they submit while searching job posting Web sites.

On the flip side, job hunters see employer Web sites more positively with regards to privacy and trust perceptions. Additionally 69% reported the best way to obtain a job interview using the Internet was through the employer sites, according to Transformation Systems Inc’s Survey of Online Recruitment Perceptions: Job Seekers Speak about Privacy, Trust, and Use of the Internet for Employment Pursuit.

Privacy concerns not withstanding, job hunters are still turning to employment boards in search of their next career gig. Roughly seven out of 10 (68%) reported that Internet Job Boards are the best mechanism for learning about available jobs.

However, the use of these boards are not evenly distributed ashigher earning job seekers use employment Web sites more often than lower earning job seekers. At the same time though, the top tier has less comfort posting resumes on the Internet and view Internet job boards more negatively with regard to perceptions of privacy and trust than lower earning job seekers.

Further, the information may come at a price. Eighty-three percent felt Internet job boards were a more likely source of spam resulting from a job search than a typical employer’s own employment Web site.

The study is based on survey data collected from 591 random online job seekers who participated in an online survey.A copy of the full report can be obtained at .