Program Provides Human Resources Offerings for Small Businesses

February 27, 2006 ( - MINES & Associates has announced the Small Business Asset (SBA) program, designed to help small businesses with human asset management.

In its announcement, MINES said the program provides human resources (HR), legal/financial, work/life, EAP, training, and organizational psychology services for small businesses that can not justify the costs to develop these resources in-house.  

Benefits of the SBA program for employers and owners, according to the announcement, include:

  • A one-hour business consultation with our organizational psychology specialists,
  • Unlimited use of online human resource policies templates,
  • Unlimited online supervisor training,
  • Conflict resolution between employees and / or between employees and supervisors/managers who have not been able to reconcile their differences through other strategies,
  • Debriefing of employees on worksite deaths, accidents, or loss of employees through an illness such as cancer (CISM services),
  • Onsite and online employee training sessions,
  • Wellness program,
  • Work performance interventions and management consultation on work performance issues,
  • Organizational development, and
  • MINES monthly training series and newsletter.

The SBA program provides for employees:

  • One free face-to-face counseling session with a therapist for individual, couples or family therapy,
  • Option for employees and their household members to elect to purchase additional counseling, therapy or coaching sessions,
  • Work/Life coaching sessions for individual employees, in place of counseling,
  • Legal/Financial services including discounted legal fees,
  • Childcare/Eldercare,
  • Work/Life programs, and
  • Online education, informational self-assessment tools, locator for childcare/eldercare.

For more information log on to or contact Judy Braun at 1-800-873-7138 extension 4980.