Prudential Launches Disability Solutions Tool

August 10, 2011 ( – Prudential has announced the release of an online tool for disability insurance clients, Absence & Productivity: Practical Solutions for Managers. 

According to a recent press release, the new tool was designed to help employers support workers and to manage their benefits costs through enhanced productivity and effective return-to-work strategies. The solutions include a Manager’s Kit for front-line managers, and an off-the-shelf program for training facilitators that aims to reinforce key concepts in a hands-on workshop.

The program educates employers on how to balance short-term pressures with the long-term good of the employee, the work team and the company. Employers can distribute the Manager’s Kit material to front-line managers via their own Web sites or e-mail, and the Management Training Program includes tools that may be used for a presentation by a Human Resources or training professional.

“At the heart of our program, we emphasize how managers make a difference in employees’ lives and in their perceptions of the work environment,” said Terrie Sorensen, vice president of Absence and Disability Product Management and Innovation for Prudential’s Group Insurance business, in the announcement. “It’s the human-to-human connection that really improves the return-to-work experience overall.”


-Sara Kelly