Putnam Offers Participants New "Choice"

April 2, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - For participants who need some help diversifying investments - and don't have or want to take the time to keep up with them, Putnam Investments now offers its Retirement Choice Portfolios.

Putnam Retirement Choice Portfolios allows plan sponsors and advisors to provide an enhanced level of service, by evaluating current plan investment options, and building asset allocation portfolios customized for each plan.

A participant may then simply choose one of several pre-designed portfolios, each representing a specific percentage allocation among the plan’s individual fund options, based on his or her investment risk tolerance.   In addition, a participant can choose to have his or her account automatically rebalanced every three months, six months, or twelve months.   Of course, if a participant chooses one of the pre-designed portfolios, their investments are automatically rebalanced based on the frequency selected.

The Retirement Choice Portfolios with rebalancing are available at no cost to the plan or participants, according to Putnam.