Rally Health Launches Care Comparison Platform

Rally Health’s newly launched Rally Connect platform enables consumers to locate doctors and hospitals and better understand the quality and cost of the care they receive. 

A new “online experience” launched by Rally Health enables health care consumers “to shop for the right health care based on their personal needs.”

Rally Connect offers consumers a better understanding of both the quality and cost of the care they receive. This, according to the firm, increases the likelihood that they will choose higher quality and less expensive preventive-health measures, and when appropriate, make more visits to clinics instead of emergency rooms. The result is cost savings both for the consumer and for the health plan, Rally Health suggests.

Rally Connect is being rolled out to more than 20 million people enrolled in employer-sponsored health plans, with UnitedHealthcare as one of the first health insurers to offer Rally Connect to its plan participants. 

“With an interactive and simplified user experience, Rally Health gives people the ability to comparison shop for health care services based on quality and cost, just as they would with any other product or service,“ notes Jeff Alter, CEO of UnitedHealthcare employer and individual business. He says Rally Connect helps health plan members make the right choices for more than 300 different health procedures and services through the use of a single, integrated solution that combines information about medical, dental, behavioral and vision health care providers.

“As the prevalence of high-deductible health plans increases, consumers are assuming more responsibility for their health care costs, and they need accurate and easy-to-navigate tools to help them make the right decisions for their care,” adds Grant Verstandig, Rally Health founder and CEO. “Unfortunately, the health care consumer has been forced to use one-off tools that are often inaccurate and hard to navigate. The key to helping consumers manage these rising costs is to create an integrated experience that empowers them with the right quality and cost information at the right time. The health care experience should be no different from shopping for a car or planning a trip.”

Under the simple-to-use surface, Rally Connect links individual health plan data with pricing information based on the contracted rate between the insurer and the care provider to instantly calculate what will be covered and what the consumer will pay, and includes what services are eligible to be covered through their Health Savings Account (HSA).

More information is at www.rallyhealth.com