Recruitmax Releases New Hire Program

June 23, 2004 ( - Recruitmax, an HR technology provider, has unveiled new employee onboarding software - Recruitmax Aloha.

A Recruitmax news release said the software is designed to streamline and automate the process of bringing new hires into an organization. The product is aimed at giving the new employees the knowledge, tools, and support they need.

Through its configurable workflow, onboarding checklist, documentation management tools, and collaboration features, Aloha helps manage the administrative tasks of the hiring process – from distributing employee pertinent materials to granting network access and space and equipment provisioning, the company said.

“Onboarding is potentially the most critical time in the hiring process,” said Derek Mercer, founder and CEO of Recruitmax, in the announcement. “After investing heavily in recruiting top candidates, it is critical to properly onboard the new hire into the organization to ensure their full engagement and productivity from day one.”

Designed as a stand-alone application that can integrate with Recruitmax’s recruiting solutions or other applicant tracking systems, Aloha is Web-services enabled with XML integration capabilities to extend the reach of legacy provisioning systems and other IT investments, according to the news release.

More information about Recuritmax Aloha is at .