Regence Releases Health and Wellness Program

September 15, 2006 ( - Health insurer Regence has come out with a health and wellness program for employers with more than 50 employees.

The Vitality product provides a suite of wellness programs that include  a health risk assessment, 24-hour nurse advice and custom incentives to optimize involvement. According to a news release about the product, the offering is part of an effort to get employees to take more responsibility for their health care decisions.

The health management programs include:

  • A health coach to help employees assess current habits, set goals to achieve better health, and help them monitor progress. Using a toll-free number, members can call the coach for education, set goals, and get encouragement and support.
  • An interactive tool, which provides advice, navigation and rewards to promote proactive behavior on the part of the member.
  • Health risk assessments to help members understand health risk factors that help Regence provide care options based on the member’s risk profile.
  • A confidential, 24-7 access to registered nurse information and advice.
  • An audiohealth library provides general health information on nearly 1,200 topics.
  • Personalized monitoring of an expectant mother’s care throughout her pregnancy, along with 24-hour, toll-free telephone access to registered nurses who specialize in working with mothers and newborns, including a full set of educational tools.