RiverSource Launches Eight New Target-Date Retirement Funds

June 13, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - RiverSource Investments, a subsidiary of Ameriprise Financial, Inc., has launched 10 new mutual funds, including eight RiverSource Retirement Plus Series target-date funds-of-funds.

According to the announcement, RiverSource Retirement Plus Series target maturity funds are designed to be a core component of defined contribution plans, IRAs and other qualified plans. The funds are professionally managed through all phases of an individual’s retirement – from asset accumulation to income withdrawal – and provide the continuous rebalancing necessary to support growth during the accumulation years and withdrawals that may cover 25 years or more during retirement.

RiverSource Retirement Plus Series begins with a relatively large equity position and continues to lower the equity allocation gradually until age 90, assuming a retirement age of 65, the announcement said. The eight new funds are:

  • RiverSource Retirement Plus Fund – 2010
  • RiverSource Retirement Plus Fund – 2015
  • RiverSource Retirement Plus Fund – 2020
  • RiverSource Retirement Plus Fund – 2025
  • RiverSource Retirement Plus Fund – 2030
  • RiverSource Retirement Plus Fund – 2035
  • RiverSource Retirement Plus Fund – 2040
  • RiverSource Retirement Plus Fund – 2045

RiverSource Investments also launched two new mutual funds that complete the array of underlying funds in which RiverSource Retirement Plus Series invests. These two funds are also available individually.

The RiverSource Disciplined International Equity Fund is managed by the Disciplined Equity and Asset Allocation team in Cambridge. The fund’s assets primarily are invested in equity securities of foreign issuers. The fund may invest in stocks of both developed and emerging markets issuers.

The RiverSource Disciplined Small and Mid Cap Equity Fund is also managed by the Disciplined Equity and Asset Allocation team in Cambridge. The fund seeks to provide shareholders with long-term capital growth by investing primarily in equity securities of companies with market capitalization of up to $5 billion or that fall within the range of the Russell 2500 Index at the time of investment.

The funds are currently available to both institutional retirement plan sponsors and to individual investors through Ameriprise financial advisors.

For more information, visit www.riversource.com/investments .