Roth 401(k) Amendment Now Available from

December 7, 2005 ( - has announced that its Web site has been updated to provide for automatic generation of Roth 401(k) amendments.

In its press release, said it has also updated eight participant forms to accommodate the Roth 401(k) feature.   The updates are available for free immediately to current customers and can be used by non-customers by signing up for an online demo at .

In November, announced the release of the ftwLink feature for its Plan Document and Government Form Software.   The feature links directly the company’s SOAP-xml service, allowing users to automatically create/prepare/update documents and 5500 forms with information from the user’s systems and to directly transmit the documents and forms from the servers to the user’s systems where they can be saved/printed or otherwise delivered to the user’s clients. offers employee benefits professionals retirement plan documents and government forms.     The company offers all of the popular prototype and volume submitter plans (including cross tested and defined benefit plans) and a 5500 and 1099-R package with a completed set of all approved forms and schedules.