Rydex Pulls Aside the Curtain on 11 Funds

February 23, 2004 (PLANSPONSOR.com) -Rydex Investments is launching 11 specialized funds including six long style-box funds, two inverse style-box funds, leveraged and inverse Dow 30 funds, and a Real Estate fund.

According to an announcement, six of the funds are benchmarked to six S&P/Barra style boxes:

  • Rydex Large-Cap Value
  • Rydex Large-Cap Growth
  • Rydex Mid-Cap Value
  • Rydex Mid-Cap Growth
  • Rydex Small-Cap Value
  • Rydex Small-Cap Growth.

In addition, Rydex Inverse Mid-Cap and Rydex Inverse Small-Cap seek to provide -100% of the daily performance of the respective indices they track.

Rydex is also introducing two new leveraged funds that track the Dow 30 Index, according to the news release. The Rydex Long Dynamic Dow 30 Fund is structured to provide 200% of the daily return of the Dow 30 Index while the Rydex Inverse Dynamic Dow 30 Fund seeks to return -200% of the daily return of the index. Both funds will be priced twice daily.

The two new funds make it possible to actively manage exposure to the core industrial stocks that make up the Dow 30 Index, and to potentially profit from both upward and downward movement in this popular index, the company asserted.

Finally, Rydex is adding a Real Estate Fund to its current lineup of 17 sector offerings. The new Rydex Real Estate Fund will provide exposure to publicly traded real estate investment trusts.