SAG Members File Suit to Stop Merger

February 24, 2012 ( – Over 60 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) members filed a lawsuit asking the court for an injunction to stop SAG from calling for a vote on the proposed merger of SAG and the American Federation of Television & Radio Actors.  

The suit, which was filed Wednesday, alleges that SAG’s board breached its fiduciary duties to conduct an actuarial impact study detailing the effects of the proposed merger on SAG membership pension and health benefits, reports Below the Line.

According to the news report, the SAG board voted on January 28, 2012 to approve the proposed merger plan and submit it for a vote among the membership.

The plaintiffs in the suit include over 60 well-known actors and actresses, including Martin Sheen, Edward Asner, Ed Harris and former SAG President Alan Rosenberg.

SAG responded to the suit by issuing a statement stating it plans to “vigorously defend all claims in court,” stated the report.