Says Average "Dad Salary" Is Up

June 12, 2012 ( – The salary dads would make if they were paid for their work at home has increased this year, according to a survey. asked 1,800 fathers the top 10 jobs they spend their time doing at home and calculated the average dad’s earning power using the national base salary of those jobs.

This year, the website determined that the average stay-at-home dad juggles a 52.9 hour work week. Taking into account overtime and using salary data provided by employers, an average stay-at-home dad’s total salary would be $61,814 – up from $60,127 in 2011.

Dads with jobs outside the home put in 32 hours of work at home each week in addition to time spent on the job. A working dad’s at-home 2012 salary would be $36,757 – up from $33,858 in 2011.

“For any job, including being a father, it’s important to understand the value of what you do – what employers will pay for your knowledge and skills,” said Abby Euler, general manager at “We all know that you can’t really put a value on the love and support dads give us, but it’s a fun way to celebrate and recognize their hard work on Father’s Day.”’s Dad Salary Wizard can be used to calculate a dad’s salary and print a “paycheck.” The Wizard is here.