Sales Employers Fear Talent Shortage

April 27, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.COM) - Nearly 80% of employers want to hire new workers this year, but many of them are worried they won't be able to find qualified workers, according to a recent survey.

According to a news release on the survey by, nearly half of sales employers (48%) say it’s more difficult to hang on to top talent than it was last year and 40% say the inability to find qualified workers is the biggest hiring hurdle.

Some of the other survey findings include:

  • 27% of sales employers are increasing salaries/wages,
  • 15% are increasing bonuses and 17% are offering more attractive benefits packages.
  • 34% of sales employers are also increasing workplace flexibility, which in many cases includes flexible hours, telecommuting and job sharing.
  • 64% of workers say they are satisfied overall with their current positions while 72% said they are either actively seeking or would be open to a new job if they came across one.

“Sales is a highly competitive segment that continues to experience strong levels of job creation,” said Mary Delaney, chief sales officer at, in the news release.”Top sales workers will always be in demand, so organizations need to continuously evaluate their compensation packages and look at distinctive programs.”