Salespeople to Ride the Job Merry-Go Round in 2004

March 5, 2004 ( - Look for the job merry-go-round for sales professionals to spin merrily during 2004.

Some 40% of sales types recently surveyed by employment Web site said they would be in the employment market in the next 12 months with a fatter paycheck the prime motivator, according to a CCH report. The job seekers said they also wanted to move up the career ladder, find a more rewarding work experience, and become their own boss.

With an eye toward their pocketbooks, 54% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with their pay, with half complaining about not getting a 2003 bonus. Although 42% said they did receive a raise, nearly half of those said the raise wasn’t anything to write home about. Some 57% were given a 5% salary bump or less, 33% walked away with a 6% to 10% increase, and 11% were rolling in money with a salary boost of 11% or higher.

Some 20% of respondents said they were overlooked for a promotion while about 44% said they’re dissatisfied with their current career advancement chances.

Some seek a work experience better suited to their professional and personal needs. One-third of respondents said their workloads are too heavy, half said they work more than 40 hours per week to meet quota, and a quarter said they’re unhappy with their work-life balance.