Satisfaction with Flexible Work Options Split Among Workers

May 9, 2007 ( - About 80% of employees say that flexible work options are important, but only half of the respondents to a recent survey say they are satisfied or very satisfied with workplace flexibility.

class=”bodytext”> The survey of about 2,770 workers by The American Business Collaboration (ABC) – a consortium of five major corporations that includes Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, Exxon Mobil Corporation, IBM Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, and Texas Instruments – found greater job flexibility for exempt employees than non-exempt employees, especially in terms of flexible start/end times.

Among individuals who use a flexible work option, about three quarters (77%) report that they have the flexibility they need in their work schedule. The percent of individuals reporting that they have the flexibility they need among those using each type of flexible work option are as follows:

  • Flexible start/end times, 82%
  • Telecommuting, 86%
  • Compressed work week, 76%
  • Part-time or other reduced hours arrangement, 79%
  • Job share, 96%
  • Phased-in retirement, 71%
  • Occasionally adjust hours as needed to take care of personal matters, 78%
  • None, 43%

The survey also found that exempt employees were far more likely to be allowed to telecommute (27%) than non-exempt employees (2%).


class=”bodytext”> Those working in the hi-tech, electronics manufacturing, software and services industries reported the greatest use of flexible work options (83%), followed by those working in business or technology consulting (77%), insurance (77%) and pharmaceuticals/medical products (70%). Those working in manufacturing positions were the least likely to use flexible work options (49%).

class=”bodytext”> Along gender lines, women (both exempt and non-exempt) were more likely to be satisfied with flexible work options, and to say they had the flexibility they needed in their work schedules. Women were in most cases more likely than men to say they think workplace flexibility is important.

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