Scudder Unveils Commodity Fund

March 7, 2005 ( - Scudder Investments has launched the Scudder Commodity Securities Fund.

A Scudder news release said that the new offering will invest half of its assets in commodities through investments in commodity-linked structured notes and similar instruments and the other half in commodities stocks of companies that: find, develop and produce natural resources and commodities; use commodities extensively in their products; and provide services to commodities businesses.

“Commodities have historically performed best in a rising interest rate environment, outperforming both stocks and bonds. As interest rates and inflation rose in 2004, we believe that commodities embarked on an upward trend,” said Theresa Gusman, head of Equity Research for Americas and Lead Portfolio Manager for Scudder Commodity Securities Fund. “In launching Scudder Commodity Securities Fund, we can provide investors with the diversification benefits of investment in the asset class combined with a mechanism for risk management of the intense performance swings associated with commodities.”

More information about the company is at .