Securian Helps Participants Get Started

April 24, 2006 ( - Securian Retirement Savings is now offering a program designed to help retirement plan participants overcome confusion as to how much to save and how to invest their savings.

Securian said in its announcement that the GoSmart program could offer employers a solution to low plan participation rates.

The primary features of the GoSmart program, according to the announcement, are:

  • Step-Up Savings automatically boosts employees’ retirement plan contributions incrementally over time. Once they reach the maximum savings rate, the feature automatically turns off. Employees can set up or cancel Step-Up Savings at any time.
  • ExpressInvest tailors employees’ investment selections on their answers to a short questionnaire that identifies their investing style. They can choose one of five pre-mixed portfolios built from the investments offered under the plan. The portfolios are monitored by Securian investment professionals and automatically rebalanced annually. As with Step-Up Savings, employees can set up or cancel ExpressInvest at any time.

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