Security Personnel Salaries Vary Widely by State

September 8, 2011 ( - A new study of security industry salaries, budgets, spending priorities and spending benchmarks shows personnel pay rate swings of up to 86% based on geography.

The study, the 2011 Security Salaries & Budgets Benchmarking Report, released by the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), found the five highest starting wage rates for Entry Level, Unarmed Security Guards were in Hawaii, the District of Columbia, Alaska, California, and Connecticut.  

The report contains detailed statistics, state by state, on average starting salaries for different security positions, adjusted for regional cost of living differences. The study also includes detailed sample job descriptions for each position.  

The report is based on survey responses of over 190 security professionals with knowledge of their organization’s spending on physical security, from a random national sampling of security professionals. Survey respondents represent a broad cross-section of industries, and include non-profit, privately held, publicly traded, and government organizations.  

The report is available at