Segal: Companies Fail To Measure HR Communication

April 23, 2004 ( - Most organizations fail to measure the effectiveness of their human resources and benefits communications.

Eight-five percent of the 250 companies polled by consultants The Segal Company said their organizations do not measure the value and effectiveness of HR/benefits communications.

Not surprisingly, then, given such a low rate of measurement, only 8% of those canvassed rated their HR/benefits communications as “extremely” effective, while 74% responded they were “somewhat” effective.

Few companies though have the proper tools to measure the effectiveness and value of their HR communications. Only 14% have professionally trained communications staff handling HR/benefits communications. That is not to say companies do not see a need to step up communication efforts. Only 16% of the respondents strongly agreed that their employees understand their HR/benefits and compensation programs and only 20% strongly agreed that their employees appreciate their value.

Thus, Segal finds most company rely on perception rather than measurement as the basis for determining the success of their HR and benefits education programs. “What we found very interesting is that while 82% indicated their HR communications were effective, 85% also responded that they have no measurement processes in place,” Nenette Kress, Senior Vice President and Segal’s National Communications Practice Leader said in a news release.

“Therefore,” continued Nenette, “one might conclude that the responses to HR communications effectiveness, as well as employee understanding and appreciation, are anecdotal and based solely on perception, not on measurement data.”

Respondents to the Segal poll included senior HR executives at the vice president or director level, with many serving as members of their organization’s leadership team.