SEI Launches Management Solution for Multiemployer Plans

March 6, 2006 ( - SEI has announced the launch of an integrated pension plan management solution designed for multiemployer plans.

PensionConnect360 for Multiemployer Plans allows trustees to make warranted plan changes to ensure all future requirements of the plan are met, according to the announcement.   By integrating all components of the plan into one model, trustees are able to evaluate scenarios and implement customized strategies.

The solutionuses SEI’s financial modeling toolstocreate and customize an unlimited number of capital market scenarios, providinga continual, real-time view of the impact various decisions have on the plan, the announcement said.   The solution evaluates investment strategy, asset allocation, contribution, benefit change, and plan design decisions.

The investment component of the new solution is implemented through SEI’s Manager-of-Managers investment process.

More information can be found at .