Senator Introduces Bill to Repeal HCR Employer Mandate

January 31, 2011 ( - Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has introduced two bills to repeal the two main pillars of the health care reform law – the individual mandate and employer mandate.

According to a news release on the Senator’s Web site, he also introduced a bill to repeal the medical device tax that was included in the health law.  

Hatch’s American Liberty Restoration Act (S. 19) would repeal the individual mandate that has prompted lawsuits by over 20 states. His American Job Protection Act (S.20) would repeal the employer mandate, which Hatch claims would force more layoffs and increase taxes on businesses, the news release said. The measures have 23 Senate Republican cosponsors.  

Under, Hatch’s Medical Device Access and Innovation Protection Act (S.17), the new law requiring medical devices ranging from surgical tools to bed pans to be subject to a 2.3% excise tax hike effective in 2013 would immediately be repealed.  

That measure is co-sponsored by Senators Richard Burr (R-North Carolina), Tom Coburn, (R-Oklahoma) and John Cornyn (R-Texas).