Seven New Index-Based SRI Portfolios Launched

October 3, 2006 ( - Progressive Asset Management (PAM) announced the launch of "Progressive Track Investments" (PTI), a suite of investment products that are both socially screened and track existing benchmark indices for most major asset classes.

According to a press release, the seven portfolios are screened on social and environmental grounds by PAM and then optimized by Aperio Group to replicate index benchmark performance. Each PTI portfolio may hold up to 150 individual securities.

The seven new benchmark-tracking portfolios by asset class and benchmark are: 

  • large-cap growth (S&P/Citigroup 500 Growth Index);
  • large-cap value (S&P/Citigroup 500 Value Index);
  • mid-cap growth (S&P/Citigroup 400 Growth Index);
  • mid-cap value (S&P/Citigroup 400 Value Index);
  • small-cap growth (S&P/Citigroup 600 Growth Index);
  • small-cap value (S&P/Citigroup 600 Value Index); and
  • international (MSCI EAFE Index).

“Advisors can use Progressive Track Investments to diversify their clients’ SRI portfolios among underserved asset classes (such as small cap or international) or to create broadly diversified SRI portfolios from scratch.” PAM Director of Business Development Phil Kirshman, said in the press release.

For an all-inclusive advisory fee, registered investment advisers are free to choose among the PTI portfolios in any combination for their clients.  An account can hold one portfolio or any combination of more than one portfolio – up to and including all seven.

PTI accounts may be held at FOLIOfn, and since the portfolios are held in separate accounts, PTI provides advisers and their clients an opportunity to vote share proxies to support their values.  FOLIOfn offers an online proxy voting tool for convenience.

More information can be found at .