SHPS Releases Health Risk Engine

April 17, 2007 ( - Health tools maker SHPS has come out with a new product that helps employers and individuals quantify health risks and monitor the drivers of those risks such as gaps in health care, medication compliance and individual participant behavior.

According to a company press release , the SHPS health risk engine can be adapted to a company’s employee population, allowing the employer to monitor the performance of multiple health plans, drill down to specific population health risks, determine appropriate levels of care and trigger clinical interventions.

“The engine’s Employer Health Index provides objective metrics by which an employer can measure their health strategy and determine what plan design, incentives and clinical interventions have a positive impact on the health of their population,” says Krishnan Sastry, SHPS’ executive vice president, strategic development and innovation, in the presss release. “Without such measurement capabilities, health strategies and interventions tend to be highly generic and considerably less effective.”

According to the press release, the tool can also help participants manage their own health by providing education tools and a Personal Health Index, which assesses an individual’s overall health risk across multiple health conditions and gives insight into specific opportunities to manage those risks.

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