"Sicko" Encourages Talk About Health Care Reform

August 28, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Among adults familiar with Michael Moore's movie "Sicko," 45% said they had a discussion with friends, co-workers, or family about the U.S. health system that was prompted by the movie.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll revealed that, while only 4% of adults said they watched the movie, 46% said they had either seen, heard about, or read about it. As a result of what they knew about “Sicko,” 43% said they were more likely to think there is a need to reform the U.S. health care system.

Over half (54%) of those who had seen, heard about, or read about “Sicko” said the U.S. should have a free, universal, government-financed health care system. However, the biggest impact on respondents’ opinions about the issue of health care recently, according to the poll, was their personal health care experiences (62%).

Only 2% of the group aware of “Sicko” said it had the biggest impact on their views of health care recently, and 9% cited what they have heard or read about proposals from presidential candidates as having the biggest impact. While 27% of adults surveyed said they were paying more attention to the positions of presidential candidates on health care due to the release of “Sicko,” 67% said the film has had no effect on the amount of attention they are giving to candidate positions on health care.

Respondents overall had unfavorable views about health insurance companies (51%), health maintenance organizations (46%), and pharmaceutical or drug companies (52%).

The poll results are here .