Business Operations, HR and Financial Services Offer Most Entry Jobs

August 27, 2007 ( - Business operations, human resources and financial services have the greatest number of job opportunities for college graduates this fall, according to a recent MonsterTRAK poll.

According to a press release, MonsterTRAK monitored online job demand to come up with the list of the industries that are most likely to hire entry-level workers:

  • Business Operations, HR and Financial Services: Offering nearly one-fourth of all job opportunities for entry-level workers. This includes jobs in accounting, financial analysis and research, management and administration, and human resource and labor relations.
  • Sales and Marketing: Brand and product marketers were the fastest growing segment from within this category, growing more than 300 percent, year-over-year.
  • Architecture and Engineering: Naval architects and marine engineers are the most highly sought specialists by employers hiring in this category, followed closely by electrical, civil and mechanical engineers.
  • Computer, Information Technology and Mathematical: This category experienced the most growth (18%) over the year. Opportunities for workers in programming, computer maintenance and support, geographic information systems (GIS) and web design are the most desired positions.
  • Office, Administrative and Customer Support: The most popular jobs in this category include administrative assistants, customer service representatives, receptionists and data entry clerks.

“Employers’ demand for workers in the white-collar industries have been consistently growing and will presumably continue to do so, as evidenced by entry-level hiring trends witnessed last year and supported by the Monster Employment Index(2) findings,” said Mark Charnock, Vice President and General Manager, MonsterTRAK, in the press release.

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