Size Matters in Carolina Cos. Board Comp

January 29, 2003 ( - Members of corporate boards of companies in the Carolinas earned an average $62,794 in total compensation during 2002.

A survey by Clark/Bardes Consulting found that, on average, higher-paying companies in the Carolinas relied more heavily on stock than cash for director compensation while those at the opposite end of the pay scale used more cash.

Study findings for 2002 also included that:

  • median director compensation was $46,385
  • 78% of companies paid average retainer fees of $22,254, mostly in cash
  • 70% of companies paid average stock awards of $42,638 and a median payment of $23,042
  • 72% of companies paid an average of $1,327 in cash for each board meeting and 74% paid an average of $985 for each committee meeting.

The study covered 100 of the top public companies in the Carolinas. More information is available under Articles & Reports. A free registration is required.