Small Steps Can Help Workers Save for Retirement

October 21, 2014 ( - Employees can take small steps to boost their retirement savings, says ICMA-RC, a nonprofit independent financial services provider of retirement plans.

An online resource, rolled out for National Save for Retirement Week, includes the “Small Change, Big Savings” interactive calculator, which shows how small steps like packing lunch or skipping morning latte can add up over time. Taking lunch to work three times a week instead of eating out could mean savings of more than $9,000 over seven years with a 5% investment return, according to the site.

ICMA-RC will also host live webinars about financial topics for both employers and employees. The firm’s more than 150 field representatives located throughout the country will educate employees about the importance of saving for retirement and will be distributing reusable bags on Wednesday, October 22, for it’s Pack-a-Sack lunch day promotion.

“ICMA-RC’s National Save for Retirement Week campaign and educational offerings were designed to show public sector and other employees that small steps can make a big difference when preparing for retirement, regardless of their career stage,” says ICMA-RC President and CEO Joan McCallen.

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