Socially Responsible Investing in a Solo 401k

November 7, 2005 ( - ExpertPlan Inc. has announced the addition of a Solo(k) product to its Social(k) program.

The company said in its announcement that the Social(k) Solo(k) product allows small business owners, independent contractors, and their advisors to select from more than two dozen socially-responsible (SRI) and ethical funds, representing leading SRI fund families.   ExpertPlan’s Social(k) program was introduced in August (See  Provider Unveils SRI K Plan ).

According to ExpertPlan CEO Tim O’Brien, “Investors can pinpoint funds that are most aligned with their corporate beliefs, as well as  single out those funds that appear to offer the most attractive investment disciplines.”

In addition, instead of structuring the Solo(k) as an IRA, Social(k) has integrated its Solo(k) capabilities directly onto its 401(k) platform, enabling small business owners to expand from a Solo(k) to a multi-employee retirement plan, if their business adds employees.

More information can be obtained by calling 866-929-2525 or visiting .