Software Maker Announces HR Shared Service System

March 26, 2009 ( - HR software provider Enwisen has unveiled AnswerSource HR Shared Services 4.0, which it says provides resolution of employee issues, faster customer services-rep (CSR) ramp-up and lower annual costs per employee for HR services.

An Enwisen news release said the product will be available March 31.

According to the announcement, features include a better integration with Enwisen’s AnswerSource HR Knowledgebase product, and:

  • CSRs can access personalized answers to employee questions.
  • An emulation mode enables CSRs to view knowledgebase exactly as caller sees it.
  • Employees can submit questions from anywhere in the knowledgebase, accessed via Enwisen’s or other HR portal, with links that point CSRs directly back to the question source.
  • CSRs can attach solution links directly to case resolutions so callers can review answers directly from the knowledgebase.
  • New Web 2.0 interface provides an intuitive desktop experience.
  • A variety of graphical chart and dashboard analytics provides rich caseload perspectives for CSRs, managers, HR staff, and administrators.
  • Ability to filter tickets by “Knowledge Domains” makes it easier to assign topics to CSRs with specific domains of expertise and directs sensitive cases to restricted domain experts.
  • A complete historical view of employees’ current and past service center communications.

More information is available at .