Some Employers Scaling Back on Holiday Perks

December 11, 2009 ( – A new CareerBuilder survey finds many companies still plan to reward their employees with bonuses, gifts, and parties, but some are scaling back.

Nearly three-in-ten (29%) employers indicated they plan to give their employees holiday bonuses this year, and among that group, 16% are planning to give the same amount as in previous years, according to a press release, However, 11% said they plan to give less.

Twelve percent of survey respondents reported they will not be issuing holiday bonuses even though they have in previous years.

More than a quarter (26%) of employers plan to give holiday gifts, with 15% of them planning to spend the same amount for workers as in previous years. Eight percent indicated they plan to spend less, while another 8% of respondents say they are not planning to give holidays gifts in 2009, even though they have in years past.

Almost half (49%) of employers are planning a holiday party for their employees this year. Of that group, 30% plan to throw the same party as in previous years, while 18% are planning something on a smaller scale. One-in-ten (11%) employers surveyed do not plan to have a holiday party in 2009 even though they have in previous years.

The survey was conducted among more than 3,000 hiring managers and HR professionals.