Some Friday File Fun (cont)

March 2, 2007 ( - We don't have pictures to go with this 1,000 words....and perhaps that is just as well.

UPDATE :   OK, so it had the ring of an urban legend – and sure enough, the “special” Friday File from   Galway,U.K., that involved a man, a donkey, and latex (see below)- turned out to be a fake.   However, it was one of those stories that swept the Internet (and was picked up by more than 50 affiliated TV stations in theU.S.) – and the hundreds of thousands of folks trying to check out the story caused the online publisher’s site (who posted the fake story) to crash. 

– – – In Galway, UK , Thomas Aloysius McCarney had been advised to “get out and meet people” – – – so   Thomas, who apparently had something of a Shrek fixation, checked into a hotel (signing the register as Mr. Shrek) with a “friend” – – – a donkey – – – now, you wouldn’t think you’d be able to do that easily – – – but apparently the night clerk was “young and hadn’t great English” – – – besides, Thomas had an explanation – – – reportedly telling her that his companion was a breed of “super rabbit” – – – and that he was bringing him to a pet fair being held in the city – – –

Well, at some point during the evening the donkey grew “restless” – – – got loose and was running amok in the corridors of the hotel – – – which led to the summoning of authorities – – – who found Thomas – – – clad in latex and handcuffed – – – the key to the latter allegedly swallowed earlier in the evening by his “companion” – – – 

On top of everything else, Thomas was charged with cruelty to animals, lewd and obscene behavior, and with being a danger to himself – – – he had been charged with damage to a mini-bar in the room – – – but this charge was later dropped when Thomas said that damage had been caused by the donkey – – – –

He was fined €2,000 for bringing the donkey to the room under the Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys Act 1837 (who would have thought?) – – – – other charges were dropped due to lack of evidence – – –