Some IT Managers Did Well in 2003 Salary

June 28, 2004 ( - In an apparent sign of a technology recovery, at least some in the IT consultant and reseller space are walking away with healthy paychecks.

The 2004 CRN Salary Survey found that managers remained well compensated in 2003; seeing a 7.2% average increase in compensation. Within this group, executive managers (CEOs, CFOs, etc.) realized the largest hike at 11.5%.

In general, the average 2003 salary for all respondents as a group was $83,000, up 5.9% from the previous year.

However, for the second consecutive year, sales/marketing managers saw an average salary drop. Senior salespeople also saw a decline for the second consecutive poll. However, junior salespeople saw an increase, a reversal from last year, CRN said.

The salary gap between men and women got worse in 2003, according to CRN. That gender divide was 17% in 2003, up from 14 % in 2002, with men receiving nearly twice as large a percentage increase in salary last year compared to women. In a new trend, those with more than 10 years experience got a much smaller average increase in compensation last year compared to less experienced colleagues.

In all, 1,774 reseller personnel responded to this year’s survey, including 969 managers, 128 salespeople, and 677 technicians.

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