Southwest Cans Pilots for Taking-Off…Their Uniforms

April 25, 2003 ( - Southwest Airlines has dismissed two pilots who allegedly removed most or all of their clothes during a flight.

The two unidentified male pilots were dismissed for what Southwest spokeswoman Ginger Hardage called “inappropriate conduct.” Southwest “will not tolerate any inappropriate or offensive behavior,” she said, according to a USA Today report.

The two pilots, who are appealing their terminations, contend that one of them removed his uniform after coffee was spilled. A flight attendant saw them after being summoned to the cockpit to bring paper towels and soda water. Southwest is treating the episode as a prank that went too far.

While the incident occurred on a Boeing 737 in flight, there is no implication that safety was breeched and a Federal Aviation Administration spokesman says there’s no specific prohibition against flying naked. ”I’m not aware there are any regulations on the type of clothing, so there’s most likely none on (wearing) no clothing at all,” spokesman Les Dorr says.