SPARK Helps with Multi-Vendor 403(b) Disclosures

May 29, 2012 ( - The SPARK Institute created an “Investment Provider Information Form for Multivendor 403(b) Plan Participant Disclosure.”

“As service providers prepare to comply with the 404(a)(5) participant disclosure regulations for multi-vendor 403(b) plans, it may be necessary for them to contact and coordinate disclosures with other investment providers,” noted Larry H. Goldbrum, general counsel of The SPARK Institute.  “In order to assist in this process, we have developed a short information form that will help recordkeepers and investment providers locate the appropriate contacts at other companies so their disclosures may be coordinated.”    

The information form also includes some basic information about the investment provider’s compliance approach and timing, he said.  

The SPARK Institute has already collected contact information from many of the leading 403(b) plan vendors. The completed information forms are available upon request and free of charge to 403(b) plan recordkeepers and investment providers, including non-SPARK Institute members.     

Investment providers are asked to complete the form with respect to their disclosure efforts prior to receiving the other investment providers’ information.  A blank form, including instructions for submission, is available on The SPARK Institute website at  

Recordkeepers and investment providers may request the completed information forms by sending an e-mail to