StarCite Extends Meeting Management to Small and Mid-Size Businesses

July 28, 2008 ( - StarCite Inc., provider of Web-based solutions that help companies strategically manage corporate meetings and events, has introduced two new products designed to extend the benefits of strategic meeting management to small and medium-sized businesses.

According to a press release, the new offerings enable mid-market companies to achieve the meeting cost-savings and efficiency benefits that large-market companies have been experiencing for years. The solutions also allow smaller companies, or large companies with less significant meeting volume, to bring control, consolidation, and oversight to every aspect of their meeting planning process.

The two new offerings are:

  • StarCite Professional – A meetings management platform that allows strategic oversight and control for companies with moderate meeting and events volume and the ability to deploy standardized policies and processes across the organization, and
  • StarCite Express – A less expensive, easy-to-use meeting management platform that provides just the essential tools required for meeting automation and a baseline level of visibility and control over meeting activity for companies with lighter meeting and events volume and informal processes and policies.

“Just like larger companies, mid-market businesses have much room for improved efficiencies and cost savings, and can save hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, by learning what they actually spend on meetings and taking control of that spend,” said Greg Dukat, chief executive officer of StarCite, in the announcement.

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