Stay-at-Home Mom Job Worth $131,471 in Annual Salary

May 2, 2005 ( home mothers are sometimes considered the CEOs of the household, which might be a fitting description considering that, when taking into account the seven jobs that she does on a daily basis, including overtime pay, their annual salary would be $131,471, according to a research analysis completed by used a 100-hour workweek, basing it on six 15-hour days and one 10-hour day, and then weighed the seven job titles moms said they held on a scale of importance, frequency and average time spent on tasks per day.

The jobs the average stay-at-home mothers hold are, ranked in order from most time-consuming to least time-consuming (accompanied by the national average annual salary for that profession):

  • Teacher-Daycare Center ($26,891)
  • Van Driver ($30,762)
  • Housekeeper ($18,750)
  • Cook ($31,099)
  • CEO ($612,623)
  • Nurse ($56,113)
  • General Maintenance Worker ($29,656)

Using these figures, a mom’s base pay (based on 40 hours per week) is $43,461, and overtime pay for the additional 60 hours each week adds $88,009. This leads to an annual salary of $131,471.’s figures assume that the mother has at least two children of school age.