Still River Adds Retirement Consulting Unit

April 19, 2011 ( - RetirementWORKS, Inc., and its parent company, Still River Retirement Planning Software, Inc., announced the creation of a new retirement consulting unit.

“As awareness grows that retirement is about more than investment and, for that matter, about more than money, there is a greater need for education, advice, and consulting.  That is why we have decided to place more emphasis on this side of our business” said Chuck Yanikoski, President of Retirement­WORKS, Inc., and chief consultant, in the announcement.  

Still River/RetirementWORKS has, over the years, worked with financial companies, employers, and governmental and not-for-profit organizations, both large and small.  Its specialty is helping older employees prepare for retirement, and helping retirees maintain or even improve their financial position and their lives.  

Still River has also just published, as part of the consulting services rollout, a set of four new papers presenting new strategies for serving the retirement marketplace.    

Links to these papers, along with additional information about Still River’s consulting services, can be found at