Still River's 403(b) Sofware Meets IRS Compliance Requirements

October 24, 2007 ( - Still River has come out with an updated version of its 403(b) Contribution Planner software, which complies with the latest Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, including 2008 calculation factors.

The IRS issued the final 403(b) regulations in late July (See Rules/Regs: Waiting Room ).  

“No one yet knows the full impact the new regulations will have,” observed Chuck Yanikoski, President of Still River, in a press release. “But we can certainly expect noticeable changes among plan sponsors, product manufacturers, and field reps. Plan sponsors will need to become more vigilant about compliance, and some will perhaps terminate their plans rather than take on the extra duties.”

Yanikoski further said he expects to see a “surge of interest among the more creative people in the 403(b) market, the ones who see these changes as an opportunity.”  

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