Strong Fields K Plan Webcasts

June 11, 2002 ( - Plan sponsors who are transitioning to Strong Retirement Plan Services no longer have to worry about how to get the word to far-flung employees in distant offices.

According to a Strong announcement, clients can now sponsor an online webcast option where an interactive investment education session is broadcast over the Internet. Although initially intended for transition information meetings, Strong said the webcasts would eventually be available for all 11 of its 401(k) education modules.
With the webcasts, employees watch a live or taped education session on their computer and are given the chance to submit questions. These questions are answered in real time by the Strong instructors presenting the session.

The webcasts require a high speed Internet connection, such as a T1 line or DSL, and the Real One Player, which can be downloaded free from the Internet.
Strong Retirement Plan Services, Inc. is the defined contribution division of Strong Financial Corporation.